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The Duchess of Malfi Essay Thesis Example For Students

The Duchess of Malfi Essay Thesis John Websters The Duchess of Malfi was written in the early 1600s and is often considered to be Websters masterpiece. The story takes place in the Italian city of Amalfi during the sixteenth century, where the Duchess of the court of Amalfi is a young widow who has fallen in love with her steward, Antonio. Both of her brothers the Cardinal and Duke Ferdinand are against her remarrying and are very powerful. In becoming suspicious of the Duchess, Ferdinand hires Bosola to spy on her, while the Duchess thinks she has employed him as head of her stables. The Duchess unfortunately comes to have trust in Bosolo, and he discovers that she has married Antonio and had children with him in secret. As Ferdinands spy, he reveals the information to the Duke, and is then ordered by Ferdinand to kill the Duchess. After the Duchesss secrets are revealed, the play unveils into great tragedy as the brothers seek out revenge that results in the death of the Duchess, Antonio, and their children; the Duchesss hand-maid, Cariola, Bosola, the Cardinal, the Cardinals mistress and servant, and even Ferdinand. We will write a custom essay on The Duchess of Malfi Thesis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now One of the motives often used in several other Jacobean plays is that of incest. It can be thought that incestual feelings for his twin sister, the Duchess, are the real reason that Ferdinand is so dead set on keeping his sister from remarrying. This is not obvious in the play, but implied, as there exists evidence of these feelings throughout the play. For example, he makes many sexual innuendos aimed at his sister throughout the entire play, such as we see here: Ferdinand: And women like the part, which, like the lamprey,Hath neer a bone int. Duchess: Fie, sir!Ferdinand: Nay,I mean the tongue Act 1, Scene iiAlso in Act 1, Ferdinand refers to his sister offensively as a lusty widow. Another piece of evidence which hints at Ferdinands possible incestuous feelings for his sister are in his last words, where he possibly shows recognition to these feelings, when he says,My Sister, O my sister! Theres the cause ont/ Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, / Like Diamonds, we are cut with out own dust, (Act 5, Scene 5) linking back to the first Act in which the Duchess says, Diamonds are of most value / They say, that have passed through most jewellers hands, (Act 1, Scene 2)where the Duchess compares herself to a diamond, Ferdinand is cut by her dust. This shows that it is possible he realizes his destruction by the dust that he and his sister share. Even though he may have admitted to his downfall, it is unlikely that he truly understood his feelings partly because of his sickly state of mind at the time of his death.

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Fieros Greek Civiliation free essay sample

Fiero’s first humanist actually seems to start in early Greek civilization. † Greeks were called the humanists of the ancient world†. (Fiero 30) The Greeks were known for their art, literature, as well as their religious culture. Fiero also refers to the humanistic period in which the great historian Thucydides wrote â€Å"The History of The Polynesian War† (Fiero 37) which we see celebrates the Greek culture in Athens during the Polynesian War. I believe this was a great example of the humanist in the Greek culture by showing the true spirit of Greek patriotism and community of the Greek people. We also see Fiero use the Greeks use what was called â€Å"symmetry†, on their statues and paintings. They believed the true aspect of the human being should be shown in actual form. They also show such detail and the proportion was correct. They also show that the human body was a work of art. We will write a custom essay sample on Fieros Greek Civiliation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We also see Fiero use the example of the â€Å"Parthenon† as the Greeks style of architecture. On the actual â€Å"Parthenon† they had the four horsemen, water bearers, and the showing of the festival in which the tribute to Helen was shown. This shows me that the Greeks were all about depicting the greatness of their civilization. The Romans basically copied the art and most of everything else so I will go straight to the Renaissance. Fiero refers to the Renaissance as the revival of the Greco-Roman culture. (Fiero 183) This was revised by the Aquinas. They were looking at this as the† fulfillment of the human potential†. (Fiero 183) This is what I see in the art of the Renaissance is that the pieces had depth and perception and proportion and symmetry just like the Greco-Roman style. Fiero comments that new Renaissance humanists have religion in their lives but look at their intellectual curiosity has appealing and appeasing. According to Fiero the most Renaissance Humanists was â€Å"Francesco Petrarch†. (Fiero 184) I believe Francesco was a restorer of early Latin works. I believe he was trying to bring to life the old classics of the Greek world. I think he wanted to show that he was a great poet as Cicero. I think he was torn on whether he was a great believer or reasoner. I believe he chose to be a believer. In his sonnet I think he was torn on his love for his lover or his love of words. I see these as examples of Fiero’s humanism.

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Sydney Business School

Sydney Business School School Description University of Wollongong is situated in the south coastal city of Wollongong. This is a few kilometers from Sydney. The main campus of the Sydney Business School is located in Wollongong. Apart from the campus at Wollongong, Sydney Business School has a campus at the heart of the city of Sydney.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Sydney Business School specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The school offers various postgraduate courses in business related fields. It also offers specially tailored courses to individuals outside campus through its external study program. The school encourages research in various business fields (Sydney Business School, 1). Sydney Business School has many supply chain interactions. It focuses attention on universities and colleges that offer undergraduate courses. This is where they get their clients. In supply chain terms, it can be described as the downstream part of the s upply chain. The university, through its various programs, educates professionals who enter into the job market. This preparation of entry into markets must be coordinated by the various players (Sydney Business School, 5).Therefore, it forms part of a long supply chain that involves input and analysis from the various stakeholders. This includes business organizations, the university research departments and the government. Although the government is the engineer of all the syllabuses offered in Australia, the school is majorly involved in its initial phase of contribution (Haag, 45). When post graduates come out of the school and enter the job market, they must portray the relevant quality of education that the university offers. Other areas that engage supply chain is the various purchases that the university makes for sustenance. This includes books purchases, food purchases and other relevant learning materials. The schools hiring team, which involves number of players, makes s ure that the university has qualified staff. This includes lecturers and other staff. These people are the determiners of the quality dimensions of the services offered and hence the outcome (Halldorsson, 6).Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Strategies Used To Fulfill Supply Needs Sydney Business School has a number of supply needs. This includes food, books and replacements of staff. If not well managed, the supply needs may bog down operations at the school (Kouvelis, 34). Therefore, the university has come up with strategies that ensure proper and uninterrupted supply of the required materials. The school meets its supply needs through proper engagements with both the upstream and downstream members of the supply chain. By ensuring that students pay school fees, the university is prepared to meet other obligations. These are met through contracts. The school ent ers into contracts to meet its daily needs. This includes important supplies like food and stationery (Oliver, 6). The school has to make sure that it meets the required threshold of the teaching staff. By engaging with professionals and consultants in the field of business, the school is easily able to indentify people who can easily fit in its teaching world. This is sufficiently done by its personnel/human resource department. This is to make sure the school has graduates who have a feel of the practical world. The school also forges important liaisons with organizations the world over. This is because of their research and student placement programs. These programs that require realistic application of theory need such organizations, hence the need to have proper association. It also forms the employer base of the post graduates at the schools (Larson, 23). Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Supply Chain There are many factors that determine the success of a supply chain. Effec tiveness and efficiency of a supply chain are a measure of the satisfaction that is registered on everyone’s faces at the end of the whole process. Sydney school is a service provision organization. Most of its graduates are market leaders in employment circles. Research shows that the university is rated among the best in Australia. It also falls within 2% of the most successful universities in all fronts (Sydney Business School, 5). This includes research, student adaptability and take-ability in the job market and quality teaching. All these are a depiction of success in the supply chain from the downstream to upstream (Nagurney, 4).Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Sydney Business School specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Importance of Supply Chain Management Supply chain management is crucial in all organizations. In Sydney business school, that need is even bigger. It ensures that all departments that for m the whole of the organization work well and are coordinated. It also plays a major role in overall reduction of costs associated with its operations. This is because it is formulates a road map that easily makes operation less costly. Proper and well managed supply chains ensure that there is value addition to the end products. This is realized in Sydney Business School because of the nature of post graduates that emerge from the school (Sydney Business School, 10). Without proper supply chain management, the school may find it hard to easily coordinate its operations. This is detrimental; in any organization as it leads to lost business. To have a competitive edge in its field of operations, the university must employ proper supply chain management. It also ensures organization focus and scope. The schools admission and vision can only be realized if there are proper supply chain strategies to realize them. Effective supply chains are also critical in monitoring of suppliers. The y form the basis from which the schools success is based. Hence, their operations must be monitored to ensure they are up to standard. This includes lecturers, especially, who are at the center of provision of education to the larger student population (Sydney Business School, 12). The university has many strategies. These strategies are coordinated and linked by proper supply chain management. One of the strategies in this case is customer satisfaction. This is one of the frontiers from which the success of Sydney Business School is visible (Simchi-Levi, 3). Features of the School Just like any other college, the school ahs a vibrant student population. This community is unified by a single purpose of education. However, it may not be written in the schools mission and vision statement, but definitely the school has a business mind attached to its operations. This is motivated by profits. In every stage of any supply chain there is notable value addition.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This is true in Sydney business school. The school has upstream and downstream features that are common in any supply chain. The down stream is characterized by colleges that offer graduate courses and middle level colleges. This is the source of ‘raw material’ for the school. The upstream is made of the organizations that will require the services of the end product: the student (Ketchen, 5). The university has various departments. This includes the marketing, finance, human resource and administrative department. All these departments work towards provision of a single service: education. Therefore, if proper results are to be realized, these departments must be in harmony at all times. Supply chain management is critical to all these features and hence they are depiction of its common practices (Hines, 43). Resourcing Availability The schools operations are centered towards continuous progression. This is in line with any organization whose goals are to remain in bus iness for a long time. This means that it has to look for a way to ensure that this need is met. The university has come up with strategies that ensure this continuity. It has forged partnerships with various institutions of higher learning that continue to meet the standards that are required for a possible entry to the school. These partnerships ensure that they will have students that enter the school at any time (Chen, 34). To service its other requirements like in student catering, the school has contracts with suppliers who constantly supply them with materials. This is made easy by the regulations that govern any contract. It also has agreement with institutions that offer student placements after university. This has worked magic. It has formed a two pronged success as employers are satisfied with the nature of employees that they get and students want to join the university so as to get placements later on (Misiura, 4). Areas of Improvement Generally, the Sydney business sc hool’s operations are working well. Its supply chain is quite successful. It adheres to simple rules that govern supply chain management. However, there is room for improvement. The school can out source some of its operations in catering for students (Lavassani, 34). This will offload a burden that does not form the core business of the organization. Hence, it will give the school more point of focus and will improve its services to the students. The school can also forge more alliances with organizations that take students after university. The school will also reduce costs and hence increase effectiveness and efficiency if they cut unnecessary costs (Boyer, 12). Process Map Boyer, Kelly. Operations Supply Chain Management for the 21st Century. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning, 2010. Chen, Ian. Towards A Theory of Supply Chain Management: The Constructs and Measurements. Journal of Operations Management, 22.2 (2004): 119-150. Haag, Samuel. Management Information Systems for the Information Age. Canada: McGraw Hill Ryerson, 2006. Halldorsson, Anne. Complementary Theories to Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 12.4 (2007): 284-296. Hines, Tony. Supply Chain Strategies: Customer Driven And Customer Focused. Oxford: Elsevier, 2004. Ketchen, Junior. Bridging Organization Theory and Supply Chain Management: The Case of Best Value Supply Chains. Journal of Operations Management, 25.2 (2006): 573-580. Kouvelis, Peter et al. Supply Chain Management Research and Production and Operations Management. Review, Trends, and Opportunities. In: Production and Operations Management, 15. 3 (2006): 449–469. Larson, Peter. Logistics versus Supply Chain Management: An International Survey. International Journal of Logistics: Research Application, 7.1 (2004): 17-31. Lavassani, Kyle. Developments in Theories of Supply Chain Management: The Case of B2B Electronic Marketplace Adoption. The International Journal of Kno wledge, Culture and Change Management, 9.6 (2009): 85–98. Misiura, Sharp. Heritage Marketing. London: Elsevier, Burlington, 2006. Nagurney, Anna. Supply Chain Network Economics: Dynamics of Prices, Flows, and Profits. London: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2006. Oliver, Richard. Supply-Chain Management: Logistics Catches Up With Strategy. London: Outlook, Booz, Allen and Hamilton Inc., 1993. Simchi-Levi, Daniel. Designing and Managing the Supply Chain. New York: McGraw Hill, 2007. Sydney Business School. Sydney Business School. 2011. February 25, 2011. Web. https://www.uow.edu.au/student/uowx/regional-metropolitan-campuses/sydney-business-school/

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EVIDENCED BASED PRACICE Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

EVIDENCED BASED PRACICE - Literature review Example Multicentre study essentially represents the research study that is planned and is supported by various cooperating institutions. These institutions have been organised in order to assess variables along with outcomes within a specific patient population. There exist certain advantages and shortcomings pertaining to the multicentre study. In such kind of study, assessing the number of patient’s that would be required to conduct the study becomes quite convenient. This further assists in deriving the key outcomes that are convincing and are accepted at a higher level. In this article, this key term shows certain amount of relevancy. The article circles around the certainty of the risk factors pertaining to ‘Diabetic Neuropathic Foot Ulceration’. This is considered as multicentre study because requirement of patients’ number in the aforementioned case is important to have an in-depth knowledge about the problem. The technologies and instruments among others t hat have been implemented depict the association of multicentre as the key term with the article. For instance, â€Å"at baseline and at every subsequent visit (weeks 13, 26, 39, and 52), a thorough foot examination was performed to determine presence of a first or new ulcer† (Abbott & et. al., 1998). This ensures that the depiction of data reflects the implementation of multicentre study. The next key term can be considered as the predictive risk factors. In case of the predictive risk factors, it refers to the instant predictions that can be made pertaining to the relevant problem. In keeping with the predictive risk factors, it can be affirmed that it might accelerate the patient’s risk pertaining to the development of certain diseases. In this article that deals with foot ulceration in case of diabetic neuropathy, the patients might develop any adverse conditions with regard to the treatment being provided. Predictive risk factor has been focused with greater impor tance as a search term in order to derive the particular literature/article. It ensures the various risk conditions that might arise under certain treatment measures (Lund Research Ltd, 2013). The entire article related to ‘Diabetic Neuropathic Foot Ulceration’ deals with this particular disease. The objective of the article is to investigate the prognostic factors pertaining to the foot ulceration for the diabetic patients. Thus, these aspects can be taken into consideration as the key factors (Shaw & et. al., 2003). Key Words Highlighted Within the Literature The key words highlighted in the evaluated article are Vibration Perception Threshold (VPT) and Michigan DPN. In accordance with VPT, it is a form of measure that is applied in the peripheral neuropathy related to Type 1 diabetes. This measure has also been applied in this article to get the outcome related to foot ulceration within the diabetic patients (Martin & et. al., 2013). The prevailing tests conducted by the usage of VPT are useful in deriving the results pertaining to foot ulceration. Michigan Diabetic Polyneuropathy (DPN) is another form of measure that is applied in order to derive

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Women in Fashion Photography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Women in Fashion Photography - Essay Example The essay "Women in Fashion Photography" discovers the Women in the Fashion Photography. Fashion photography is more than a photograph showing the clothes,accessories or the model, it is the creation of a fantasy. It embodies the fashion atmosphere of the moment and the mood of the time in a single image. It is an image that conveys a particular lifestyle,and is different from catalogue photography, which is intended to directly sell clothes. In a catalogue shot, a woman is shaped closer to real proportions in realistic settings, in keeping with the intent of direct marketing, and she looks, albeit a little blankly, at the viewer. In a whole lot of fashion photography, however, the idea is far beyond clothes, it is about a particular fashion orientation, and so the model is fantastical in keeping with the image to be conveyed. She often looks away from the camera, in affected disdain for the women who are looking at her from across a magazine page, unendowed by her attributes that ar e matchless in drawing the â€Å"male gaze†.Good fashion photography is more like a short film, it needs an ambience and a dream, a concept that evolves, and originality and good co-ordination between a whole team of creative people, where the entire look is contrived to a particular attitude or aesthetic. The make-up artists and lighting effects contribute as much to it as the model who provides a blank canvas for the image, and the photographer, who provides the eye through which it is to be viewed. "We're all brought up on fabulously glamourous Vogue models, and we don't realise that they don't look like that in real life. It is just that the photographers are terribly clever. Women are constantly presented with a false image of beauty that nobody can attain, not even the most beautiful, unless you've got an entourage of make up, wardrobe and hair backing you upI really resent the pressure put on women to alter ourselves" ( Donohoe, 2001) As fashion photographer Cecil Beaton once summed it up, "Fashion photography is an insidious profession.... It is up to the fashion photographer to create an illusion... it makes the observer see what he should see." With few exceptions, it is not true to life, as documentary or journalistic photographs usually is, nor is the persona projected real, as in the case of portrait photography. The female body is mainly intended to seduce, to arouse envy and a desire in the audience to become like the woman in the photograph by evoking the feeling one will experience when one uses the featured product. The body in all its glory is made to represent the things the audience does not have, but needs to acquire in order to be as fashionable as the model, and thus encourage the audience to become consumers. With the advent of technology, a majority of fashion photos that portray women with "perfect" bodies are enhanced by modern technology to achieve the effect. "Photographs are airbrushed or otherwise altered to remove any lines, bumps, or lumps - anything less than "perfection." If the ideal of beauty is physically unattainable, then consumers will never be able to attain the image they want, and therefore there will be an endless demand for new beauty products. This is the reason for the incredible proliferation of the weight-loss, fashion, and cosmetics industries, which are among the largest and

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The Jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights Case Study

The Jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights - Case Study Example Article 10 was alleged by the applicants as a ground for their action, as a matter of course, in view of the fact that the target of the attack was a media entity. Article 10 lays down the dictum that every person is entitled to the freedom to express or to speak out his mind albeit the same may be restrained according to the limitations which statutes of the Contracting States prescribe. Lastly, Article 13 of the Convention mandates that those whose rights and liberties are violated or encroached upon under the provisions of the Convention must be afforded an effective remedy or relief even if the perpetrators have acted in an official capacity. (European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. COUNCIL OF EUROPE. European Treaties. Press for Change [internet]). The focal issue in this discussion is the statement of the Court which declares that it is the obligation of the Court to consider the special character of the Convention pertaining to its role in the maintenance of European public order for the purpose of protecting persons or individuals. It also points out that the Convention has been covenanted to ensure that the engagements undertaken by the High Contracting Parties, meaning the treaty signatories, are observed. The latter principle is evident in the setting up of the European Commission of Human Rights and of the Court, both specified in Article 19 of the Convention. Since the principal matter which was resolved by the Court refers to the admissibility of the application, the arguments and debate presented in this treatise will center on that question. Some comments and opinions from literary sources will be considered for inclusion here. The Convention It is necessary to have knowledge of the history of the Convention in assessing the case... With all the foregoing backdrops, this essay will proceed to the questions of who are the people covered by the Convention and what cases does it cover. It will finally likewise be queried as to when the Convention applies. In short, there is a need to know what circumstances are embraced under the operation of the Convention. In the legal sense, the inquiry has to be directed into the jurisdiction of the Court which the Convention had created. Stated in another way, it has to be determined when, where and over whom does the Court exercise its judicial powers under the Convention in conjunction with the rules and principles of international law. Article 1 of the Convention is very specific. It provides that the signatories to the treaty are under obligation to secure to all the people within their jurisdiction the rights and freedoms enumerated in Section 1 of the Convention. Were the applicants covered as persons within the jurisdiction of the High Contracting Parties when the bombardment of the radio-television network was carried out? The answer is definitely in the negative. They were not. During the time of the bombing of the Radio-Television Serbia headquarters, Bank ović and his co-applicants and their deceased relatives, Serbia was not a member of the Convention and, therefore, they were not within the reach of the jurisdiction of the Court. The bombing party, NATO, was also found by the Court as not having Serbia within its (NATO’s) effective control or that of its members.

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22 Awesome Beaches in Cebu to Visit in a Lifetime

22 Awesome Beaches in Cebu to Visit in a Lifetime Foreign tourists and local travelers alike, visiting Cebu is always included in the bucket list being one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. Whether in a month-long vacation or simply winding up for a day, Cebu beaches are something that one shouldnt miss. Below is a list of awesome beaches in Cebu you should visit in your lifetime. The list has no particular order. 1. Sta. Fe Beach in Bantayan Island Sta. Fe Beach Club, located in Bantayan Island, is a travelers paradise with perfect clear waters, friendly folks, amazing culture and excellent food. With its convenient location, a 10-minute travel from Bantayan Port, you can already enjoy interesting activities such as snorkeling, biking, island hopping, eating sea foods, etc. for a camping minimum fee of P100.00 only. It also offers top-class recreational facilities such as massage, non-motorized water sports, private beach, etc. Guests can enjoy on-site features like smoking area, restaurant, meeting facilities, BBQ facilities, bar, etc. Its comfortable and convenient accommodations are best for unwinding after a hard day. Mobile number: 09287787770 Telephone number: (032)4389090/ 4389107 Email: [emailprotected] 2. Tingko Beach in Alcoy Tingko Beach, located in Daan Lungsod, Alcoy, has extensive beach lined with coconut palm trees and limestone cliffs, and shallow waters with relaxing environment and fun activities. Its a 2 to 3-hour travel from Cebu City and is situated in a lagoon across Mabad-on Reef, a coral island that is completely submerged during high tide and exposed during low tide. It is great for families and groups with pets, and a nice stop for southern travelers. However, as it is a public beach, it can get crowded during weekends. Telephone number: (032) 483 9298 Mobile number: 09182874023 Email: [emailprotected] 3. Santiago White Beach in Camotes Island Santiago White Beach, a gorgeous public white sand beach, has the widest beach on Camotes Island and a shoreline that stretches as far as you can walk. Its wide white sand beach is being shared by Santiago Bay House Resort, Masamayor Beach Resort and Payag Beach Resort. Some of its facilities include Hut Cottages, motorized outrigger Bangka for half day use and Beach Games such as balls, floats, kayaks, etc. Some of its small restaurants also offer KARAOKE up to 2AM. It is being managed by the Camotes Local Government Unit (LGU). 4. Dalaguete Beach Park Dalaguete Beach Park, also known as Arguete Beach because its located within the boundary of Argao and Dalaguete, is best for skim boarding due to its strong and big waves. It is one of Cebus best public beaches for its clean and well maintained environment and facilities. There is, however, a minimal fee of P5.00 per person and P20.00 for parking. Cottages are also for rent for about P100.00 to P200.00, and shower fee of P20.00 per person. The fees are charged by local authorities to help maintain the area. 5. Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan Hidden Beach Resort, located in the municipality of Aloguinsan, Cebu, is one of the most natural beaches in Cebu province. Since its hidden, it is untouched by resort development projects. The road to the beach is covered with thickets of trees and coconut palms. The coral rocks are the indication that you are getting closer to the beach. Getting around, youll find lots of marine animals, a whitish sand, clean water and shoreline hemmed with coconut trees. A Peaceful and not crowded place perfect for relaxation. Its facilities include tables for P150.00, Hut Cottages for P250.00, grills for meat, fish, etc. Cooking Request is also available for a fee. If planning to stay overnight, simple rooms are available for P500.00 and making a reservation is highly advised. 6. Lambug Beach in Badian Lambug Beach, a public beach located in Badian, is one of the hidden beaches in Southern Cebu. Its a virgin beach with a long coastline of powdery white sand bordered with palm trees, clear waters, and hospitable locals. It has no entrance fee but camping is charged P50.00. As it is undiscovered, there are no big resorts around the area except for the Grandeur Beach Resort. Along its coastline, however, are many cottages and rooms for rent. Lambug Beach is a Badian pride that has astonishing sunrise and sunset; a perfect place to relax. 7. Basdako Beach in Moalboal Basdako Beach, one of the known beachfronts in Moalboal, is a pristine white sand beach and an awesome spot for snorkeling, scuba diving and delicious food. Best of all, the beach is free. Moalboal is rich with marine life which makes it best for diving. Basdako beachfront is preferred as it is budget-friendly with many small resorts to choose from within the beach. But, if you wish to camp on the beach, tents are available for P500.00 a night. During summer and long weekends, though, most resorts in Basdako get full; it is advised to get a room as early as possible. Telephone number: (032)417-2445. Cellphone number: 09209028888; 09176236057. Website: www.clubserenaresort.com. 8. Sayaw Beach in Barili Located along the highway of Barili, Cebu is Sayaw Beach Resort. It is a white sand beach resort where the popular Mantapuyan Falls is located. It has an entrance fee of P20.00 and cottage rentals ranging from P150.00 to P500.00. Its facilities and other services are not established and food resources are not very available. It is advised to bring your own supplies in coming here. 9. San Remigio Beach Club Sports and Leisure Resort Located in San Remigio, a three-hour travel from Cebu City, San Remegio Beach Club is Cebus longest beach line and one of the prettiest beaches. It is a good venue for reunions, birthdays, and weddings; offers packages for Group Tour, Day Tour, Side Trip and many more; and has a very spacious Sea Pool Party Area. It also has a coaster and van service for a convenient transportation for groups. A bus costs P120.00 per person. Telephone number: (032) 344-6181. Contact number: 63-32-2310382, 63-32-4352030, and 63-32-5160630 Website: www.sanremigiobeachclub.com.ph 10. Mactan Blue Reef Resort Mactan Blue Reef Resort, located in Tongo, Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City, is an affordable place for any gatherings in addition to a nice dip in the beach. It has an entrance fee of P50.00 and reasonable price for cottage rental. Bringing in food is also allowed. Telephone number: (032) 494-2644; (032) 494-2911. Contact number: 63-32-4923209 or 63-32-4923217 11. Eden’s Resort The lovely sea view from its spacious, big rooms creates a romantic ambiance that makes this place perfect for a couples retreat. Edens Resort is located in Liloan, Santander, an approximately three-hour drive from Cebu City. With only 10 rooms, it assures its guests of private leisure. Among the activities to do here are ocean kayaking, mountain biking, motor cycling, snorkeling, etc. It has a nice hassle-free package and room-only rates. It also has an all-inclusive rate if you wish to take a worry-free vacation. Telephone number: (032)480-9321 Contact number: 63-32-4809321 Website: www.eden.ph 12. Durhan White Beach Resort A little paradise in Tabunok, Tabuelan, about three hours travel time from the city. Durhan White Beach Resort boasts a fine white sand beach fit for groups and family gatherings. It has an entrance fee of P20.00 per person, rooms that could accommodate two to eight persons, big tents for 20 persons and small tent for 15 persons. Its cottages have gas stoves and a refrigerator available to cook your own food. Telephone number: (032)461-9318; 461-9073 Contact number: 63-32-4619318 or 63-32-4619073 Website: www.durhanwhitebeach.com 13. Shangri-La’s Mactan Island Resort and Spa A luxurious vacation for guests, an appealing garden view to nature lovers, and an ideal place for travelers, Shangri-Las Mactan Island Resort and Spa is considered a premier resort in Mactan Island. Located in Punta Engaà ±o, Lapu-Lapu City, it boasts of its large spa and various restaurants. Telephone number: (032) 231-0288 Contact number: +63-32-2310288 Website: www.shangri-la.com 14. Plantation Bay Resort and Spa A resort in an 11.4 hectare lot in Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa distinguishes itself in its saltwater lagoons and freshwater pools. It has colonial plantation architecture, and among its amenities are a wall-climbing facility, a fitness center and a spa at Mogambo Springs. Telephone number: (03)505-9800; Cellphone number: 09176313750; 09176313917 Contact number: +63-32-3405900 Website: www.plantationbay.com 15. Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort is a 158-room resort located in Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City. Its been known for its bungalow type of accommodation and has become a favorite venue for weddings. Most wedding receptions here are held in its Alegrado Island, a 1.1 hectare man-made island. While the kids get an encounter with the mascot Dolpo, a dolphin. Telephone number: (032) 492-0100; (02) 817-5751 Contact numbers: 63-32-2345411 or 63-32-4920100 Website: www.bluewater.com.ph 16. Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa Located on ML Quezon National Highway, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa is the best place for water fun. Its themed pools such as Amazon River Pool (with inflatable tubes), Wave Rider, Beach Pool, Captain Hooks Pool, and the Toddler Pool are all one of a kind. Telephone number: (032)494-5000; 494-5282 to 85, 87, 88 Contact number: 63-32-2361367 Website: www.imperialpalace-cebu.com 17. Kalumpang Beach Resort A perfect escape destination of the South, Kalumpang Beach Resort is located in Highway, Looc, Poblacion, Argao. It is also a popular place for gathering and events. Besides that, it offers day tour packages upon request for group activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving, sunbathing, skim boarding, etc. The rate starts from P2, 500.00 depending on arrangements. For water and sea sports, you can rent a Kayak for P100.00. Jet ski, boats, etc. are also available. Telephone number: (032)367-7505 18. Cordova Reef Village Resort At the southeastern tip of Mactan Island, surrounded by Camotes Sea and Bohol Strait, is Cordova Reef Village in Poblacion, Cordova. It has well-equipped rooms and offers facilities such as tennis courts, steam room, spa, swimming pool and restaurant. A combination of luxury and natures tranquility, this resort provides its guests with absolute privacy and exclusivity. Telephone number: (032)238-1878 19. Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort Located in Sitio Pasil, Logon, Daanbantayan is Malapascua Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort, the pioneer dive resort in Malapascua. It is also known for its thresher sharks that usually appear at sea before dawn. It has a natural garden frontage overlooking the white sand beach and Visayan sea. Diving here ranges from P1, 200.00 to P1, 500.00. Room rates are from P1, 000.00 to P4, 200.00. Telephone number: (032) 437-0983; 406-5428. Cellphone number: 09173276689; 09999976601. 20. El Salvador Beach Resort Located along the National Highway in Danao, El Salvador Beach Resort is the biggest and nicest resort in Danao. With 39 rooms set in tropical gardens, 2 swimming pools and a beach front, it has 24 hour standby generator and security. It also has air-conditioned function rooms that can accommodate 15 to 200 people. Entrance fee for adults is P150.00 during weekdays and P175.00 during weekends and holidays, P125.00 for children during weekdays and P150.00 during weekends and holidays while for kids below 3 years old, entrance fee is free. The cottages are available for rent at P495.00. Telephone number: (032)200-3622/ (032)254-7863. Website: www.elsalvadorresort.com Email: [emailprotected] 21. Sumilon Bluewater Resort In Sumilon Island, a tranquil 24 hectare sorrounded by white sand beaches with a lagoon, a hiking trail, lighthouse, historical watchtower, cave and other resort facilities overlooking Cebu, lies Sumilon Blue Water Island Resort, a sister resort of Maribago Bluewater Resort in Mactan Cebu. The island is the first marine protected area in the Philippines, beautifully secluded on the southeastern tip of the mainland. The resort is a three hour drive from the city to Bancogon pier in Oslob and another 15 to 30 minute boat ride, provided by the resort, to the island itself. A good spot for diving with varied marine species and occasional sightings of black tip sharks. Phone: (63 32) 318 3129 / 318 9098 Mobile: 0917 631 7512 / 0999 885 8337 Email: [emailprotected] Website: www.bluewater.com.ph 22. Badian Island Resort Located on the southwest coast of Cebu, an almost private tropical island with landscaped gardens and white sand beaches, The Badian Island Resort and Spa is an eco-friendly, romantic resort paradise overlooking the lagoons and mountains. It is a 2-hour and 20-minute drive from Cebu Internation Airport and a 15-minute boat ride with free parking for cars. Among the activities offered here are diving, wind surfing, paddle boats, tennis, billiards, darts, volleyball, spa treatments and many more. It has large and beautifully designed rooms with private balcony, cascading saltwater pool and organic grounds. Its suites feature a blend of traditional and modern Philippine decor. Tel: (+63-32) 401-3303 to 05 Fax: (+63-32) 401-3302 Email: [emailprotected] Website: www.badianhotel.com Sales Reservations: (+63-32) 401-3303 to 05 Cell Phones: (+63) 920-952-6293 (+63) 920-953-3362 (+63) 917-727-4931 Fax: +(+63-32) 401-3302 SMS: +63-917 727 4931 ***